Steady On The Steel

Throughout his professional career, Richie Fontana has often been referred to as a melodic drummer - a song oriented player with style, taste, and power, in the tradition of English Pop and Rock 'N Roll. With the ability to play different instruments, and having his own stylized singing voice, it was only a matter of time until he would come into fruition as a songwriter. In the mid 1980's, after having a recording career with various groups, and working with a number of well known artists, Richie made the commitment to step out from behind the drum kit, and obligate himself to a career as a solo artist. The result has been an ever-growing catalog of material containing a substantial number of songs. It should also be noted that, although Richie has Multiple Sclerosis, and requires the use of a walking cane, it has yet to ever dampen his enthusiasm for the art of songwriting and recording, which leads to this:

Available through this web site is "Steady On The Steel", the first album of recorded music written by Richie Fontana. Produced and arranged by Richie, he performs all instruments and voices, except where noted. A collection of muti-track recordings, rough mixes and demos; 14 songs in all. It contains a number of melodious rock 'n roll tunes, with subject matter ranging from the mundane to the profound. An album that falls into the category of Power Pop, however at times infused with country and blues.