Piper 1975 - 1978

Richie Fontana's initiation into the major leagues of Rock 'N Roll was with Piper, a five piece Power Pop group, founded by Billy Squier. They recorded 2 albums for A&M Records, "Piper" and "Can't Wait". Centered around the songwriting talents of Billy Squier, Piper's 2 singles, "Who's Your Boyfriend" and "Can't Wait", received significant radio airplay in every U.S. market, as well as overseas, including Japan. Each member of this group shared the same love of the British Pop, Blues, and Rock 'N Roll that had preceded them, which was reflected in their sound; a hybrid of melodic pop melodies and kick-ass rock 'n roll.

Powered by the same management machine that handled the affairs of KISS at that time, Piper toured with many of the major headlining acts of the day, including KISS on their "Love Gun" tour.
Two selections from Piper can be found on Billy Squier's 2 CD set "Reach For The Sky - The Anthology", as well as other compilations of music from that era.

PIPER: Billy Squier (Lead Vocals/Guitar), Alan Nolan (Guitar/backing vocals),
Tommy Gunn (Guitar/backing vocals), Danny McGary (Bass/backing vocals), Richie Fontana (Drums/backing vocals)