The Criminals 1983 - 1984

During these years, when not on the road with Laura Branigan, Richie had also worked with a band called The Criminals. The lead singer of this group was Tom Nielsen, star of the CBS TV soap "The Guiding Light". In turn, The Criminals appeared on that show three times in 1984, and performed live at various venues in New York City. But like Richie, the other members of this group also had prior commitments to other artists; i.e. Laura Branigan, Bryan Adams, and Ian Hunter. If not for conflicting work schedules and time constraints, this band may have stayed together for a much longer period of time. However, the life expectancy of The Criminals was limited. Therefore, the music written and recorded by this group, remains on the shelf to this day. But, it should be known that The Criminals was an excellent Rock 'N Roll band.

It's members were:

Tom Nielsen - Lead Vocals/Sax
Jeff Southworth - Lead Guitar/Lead & Backing Vocals
Tommy Morrongiello - Bass/Backing Vocals
Tommy Mandel - Keyboards/Backing Vocals
Richie Fontana - Drums/Backing Vocals